The Voices of Iceland

In the summer of 2019 Almannarómur, together with Deloitte and Reykjavik University, developed the website, The objective of the site, which was built by some of the top students at the University of Iceland and Reykjavik University, is to enable the building of Icelandic language technology software. To achieve this, and to ensure that the software understands everyone, we need to collect as many samples of speech as possible – from all ages, genders and regions. Please help to preserve the Icelandic language by donating your voice at

To access the database, contact the CLARIN office in Iceland.

When data gathering is complete, a database will be published under open licences. Anyone who is interested in developing language technology solutions for the Icelandic language – for example, for Icelandic voice-controlled interface in smart tools, reading exercises, and real-time texting of TV and online videos – will be able to do so free of charge.

To access the database, please contact the national CLARIN office in Iceland.

The role of industry

Almannaromur´s goal is for infrastructure and core language technology solutions to be ready, at the end of the program in 2022, for usage, implementation, and further development by third party organizations, e.g. companies on the consumer market, B2B companies, innovators and institutions. The contract on building LT infrastructure, with the research and development group SÍM, tasks the group with cooperating with industry, locally and globally, as well as other researchers on a local and global level. With the aim of accelerating industry build up of LT solutions for consumer market. The end goal for the public to be able to communicate via and through digital technology in their mother tongue.